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To Do or Not To Do -Nomadic Life With A Partner

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Traveling around the world as a nomadic couple.

I made the decision to become a digital nomad with my boyfriend of almost 2 years. I have wanted to be remote and free to travel for a while now, but having a partner to do it with me has absolutely increased my motivation and confidence.

“I have traveled for months at a time before and became home sick. I think that had to do with the people I surrounded myself with, and my own internal state.”

I am very excited to try out this lifestyle with someone by my side. To have a person experiencing this with me, a person there to lean on, and also a person for me to be a support system for too, are all motivators for me. There are tons of people who travel alone and love it, but I think traveling as a couple will show us quickly what our strengths and weaknesses are with each other. And also teach us to be even more of a team.

Things to Consider when Considering Being Nomadic with Your Partner

Some of the things I considered when contemplating if I wanted to live the nomadic lifestyle with my boyfriend where the following. Maybe these will trigger some thoughts and talks with your significant other!

- How are your communication skills? When things get uncomfortable and difficult are you able to talk through them?

- What is important to you while traveling? What is important to him/her? For example I really want to be in places with a rich culture and scuba diving (as often as possible at least) while my partner wants to make sure we are somewhere he can surf (as often as possible).

- What is important to you in your living situation? For example, do you want to make sure you have your own apartment together (no roommates), or that your apartment is of a certain caliber?

These are a few conversation starters or maybe things you want to think through on your own. For me I thought through them on my own first and then had conversations with my significant other.

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