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Making the Decision to be a Digital Nomad

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

It all starts with a decision.

I, like most, had been dreaming about living a life full of travel, experiences, and adventure. But always felt like it was something I would do in the future, when (fill in excuse here) was better/paid-off/took less time, etc. For me the excuse was always money. How was I going to financially support that lifestyle? I have things like credit card debt, student loans, and rent to pay for, how can I travel and take care of those things at the same time? Another road block for me was progressing my career. I didn't like the idea of taking off to travel and working odd jobs to cover the financial needs. I feared that coming back to the States with a long gap in my resume would deem me irrelevant in my field, and behind on my skill set compared to other people my age.

Regardless of the fear, the lifestyle still called to me, so for the past four years I have been trying to figure out a way to create this reality. Looking back now I realize that fear is not a good enough answer to not life my dream life, and I hope this help you decide that as well, and maybe you reading this will help you not spend so much time wanting around like I did.

“Today I have made a commitment to myself that in 365 days I will be on a plane, headed towards my new lifestyle of being a digital nomad.”

This website's soul purpose is to record this transition from start to finish in order to help you in your journey of becoming a digital nomad. I will record all the steps, decisions, and lessons I take towards creating this reality in real time to capture the truth behind the transition. I will post the number of days left in my 365 day commitment in the title of each post so you know where I am at in the journey.

I am so excited for this wild ride, and grateful to share it with you.

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