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Maintaining your Health as a Digital Nomad

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

10 things to do to stay healthy while traveling.

We all know that it is very easy to get sick while traveling. Between the new foods, climate change, exhaustion, and stress, your body is going through a lot. So how do you maintain your health while living the digital nomad lifestyle? Here are some tips I have gathered from my research and own experience.

10 Things to Keep You Healthy While Traveling:

  1. Take vitamin C every day. This simple act can have an enormous effect on your body.

  2. Wash your hands with clean water before eating, always. In the united states it is normal to snack on a bag of pretzel without washing your hands first, but get into the habit of always washing your hands or using hand sanitizer.

  3. Include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Everyone knows this, but sometimes it is hard while traveling to eat well, make it a priority.

  4. Keep warm. When you are in climates your body has to adjust, do your body a favor and wear that jacket out. At least for the first couple of days while your body acclimates.

  5. Sleep. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new place and to drastically reduce your sleep cycle. Try to get your normal amount of sleep, for me that is a good sold 8-9 hours.

  6. Follow your instincts. If you think that street vendor's food looks a little iffy with all those flies sitting on the food, don't eat there. If you are feeling tired, sleep. If you feel like your body needs a break from the booze, take it. 99% of the time, your body will tell you what it needs.

  7. Clean Water. Make sure you use clean water to brush your teeth, wash your dishes, and wash your hands before eating. The bacteria in the dirty water can enter your system in multiple ways, try and minimize this as much as possible.

  8. Sweat. Exercise can be the difference between feeling good and feeling great. Endorphins are released when you sweat, which in tern helps your body heal faster. Even if you go a stroll in your new city, do something to get your heart rate up.

  9. Down Time. Make sure to take time for yourself, and to rest. Traveling can be over stimulating, remember to take a Netflix and chill day as often as needed.

  10. Get outside. Depending on the climate of course, it is important to get some vitamin D! Also swimming in the ocean (when the water is sanitary of course) or going for a hike is good for the soul and the body.

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